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Feel enjoyable Korean vibes with locals

Rent a Korean Oppa&Unnie as your tour mate

How it Works


Our service

We have 4 options of the tour

Local Tour is Basic : You can even go shopping with Oppas&Unnies in the Local Tour.

But if you want more special care, Fashion Tour & Makeup Tour are recommendable.

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Local Tour

You can do whatever you want(foods, activities, shopping and so on) in a place you choose. You can experience and enjoy the real local life by following how the locals do.

#Customized itinerary

#Local vibe  #Walking tour

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Fashion Tour

Your Oppa&Unnie are going to style you with at least 2 sets of clothes according to your type. You can also get many tips about Korean fashion style including street, idol and daily fashion.

#Customized itinerary

#Korean fashion  #Ootd

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Makeup Tour

Your Oppa&Unnie are here to help you choose the best and the most suitable cosmetics for you. They also give you a lot of useful information about Korean makeup styling.

#Customized itinerary

#Korean makeup  #Kbeauty


Custom Tour

You can make your own travel fully with your Oppas&Unnies. If you don't have your own itinerary they will help you to make the best one fit for you with good recommendations.

#Fully customized itinerary

#Hidden gems  #Special place

*Please note any tour fees do NOT include foods, tickets and any other expenses.

Travelers are responsible for additional fees required for you and your Oppa/Unnie.

With your Oppas & Unnies

John Oppa

John Oppa

Heena Unnie

Heena Unnie

Jenny Unnie

Jenny Unnie


Why customers love When You Meet Locals?


I booked with Heena and she was very knowledgeable and kind. I went with her to get a spiritual reading at a spiritual cafe. She translated for me to English while the spiritual guide told me what my future and what my past held for me. After that, we enjoyed korean fried chicken and fries. She was so caring and even let me take a small break when I was worried about a misplaced card that I found. Lastly, she helped me find makeup for my mom. This will be my most cherished memory of Korea. Heena is really sweet and understanding. She gave me a cute bracelet which was so thoughtful.

Elinor Oziel

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